Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where did I go?

The long story is too long to post, but the short story is that life is really, very, incredibly hard. And sometimes we fight just to breathe and stay alive... we fight to keep our sanity and our spirit in a world that wants to knock us down. Rest assured, I overcame and will continue to overcome because...



I'll post more, I promise, my audience of one. I'll be posting here, perhaps-- or somewhere else.

That somewhere else is here: Virtuous is She

I hope you'll visit me and maybe tell others. I'm still the same girl, but I'm different too. The journey does that to you. 

And I know YOU know this.

The Universal Soul


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today when I Googled "carrying your cross" and your post from February of 2010 popped up. The day you posted it was 2 years, almost to the date, before my son was diagnosed with leukemia in February of 2012. I'm so grateful that you have shared your insights, and I am passing them along at my blog: -Jenni

  2. Jenni, I find it miraculous that you found my writing and that helped you with your son in an unspeakable journey, even just a little. I find it miraculous that you found me on the very day I posted to this blog since a year and a half ago. I, too, have gone through several very traumatic experiences in my life. I am blessed to share anything from my journey. Thank you for sharing your journey, and God bless you and your son. I will certainly check out more of your website and thank you for sharing mine.


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