Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Overcoming Hopelessness: Nick Vujicic's TED Talk

I'm about to say something that you probably won't believe. And to be honest, after the hardships I've endured and the pain I've suffered, I can hardly believe it some days myself:

So much of life is not our experiences at all. It's our PERSPECTIVES, and it's our CHOICES that follow AFTER our experiences that truly defines our lives and who we are as people.

Experiences are temporary. 

             They last three minutes.

                                      Three months.

                                                  Maybe even three years.

Yet, still, they are still temporary. 

What we do with our experiences can-- and will-- last our lifetime. 

In his profound TED Talk, Nick Vujicic talks about overcoming hopelessness and the personal power of our perspectives and choices. His life is the definition of what it means to put our minds over our matters. And more, he is the epitome of what it looks like when the human spirit triumphs over the adversities it faces.

He will change you with his words if you let him. Will you let him?

Bookmark this TED Talk where you can and save it for your rainy day... Save it so you can remember what you are and what you're worth.

God bless you,

Where did I go?

The long story is too long to post, but the short story is that life is really, very, incredibly hard. And sometimes we fight just to breathe and stay alive... we fight to keep our sanity and our spirit in a world that wants to knock us down. Rest assured, I overcame and will continue to overcome because...



I'll post more, I promise, my audience of one. I'll be posting here, perhaps-- or somewhere else.

That somewhere else is here: Virtuous is She

I hope you'll visit me and maybe tell others. I'm still the same girl, but I'm different too. The journey does that to you. 

And I know YOU know this.

The Universal Soul

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