Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guest Post: "Imagine"

Below is a beautiful poem submitted by one or our readers. It's spiritual and incredibly inspiring. Please enjoy this piece and feel warmly encouraged to submit your writing or poetry to TheUniversalSoul@hotmail.com.

By Lauren Madsen

Here I find myself basking in the aesthetics of my mind’s playground:

I doodle with my thoughts on the sketchpad of my imagination.

I'm contemplating in the mirror.
The reflection staring back at me penetrates my soul
With ravenous eyes seeking out the optimism in life’s creations.

Confide in me your secrets and let the wind whisk them away in a graceful bliss.

I float along in this celestial slice of heaven.
Angels nurture my emotions and guide me on this path to self actualization.

The chirping of the birds ignites a hungry fire ablaze in my heart.

I am a butterfly fluttering around in this ubiquitous concept on conformity.
We are all pieces that mold together to create this mundane society.

I learn to adapt by persevering through whatever maelstrom of trials life thrusts at me.
This undulating stream of hopes and dreams drowns me in revelry of happiness.

The rustling of the leaves serenades me like the strings of a guitar.

Listen to the sweet melancholy in this peaceful calm.

On it echoes,
on and on...

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