Friday, March 25, 2011

Forgive Me?

Dear Friendly Soul,

I know I’ve been missing, but I hope you can forgive me… Life sort of got away from me for a bit. Or maybe I poured myself dry. I’m not entirely sure.

They say still waters run deep, but it seems we writers suffer from an empty well every now and again, even when we’re still… Oh, who am I kidding? That’s just plain fancy-talk for, “Hello, my name is the Universal Soul, and I’ve been suffering from writer’s block.”

My hiatus from our virtual corner in the world (since Thanksgiving… yikes) would be diagnosed as writer’s block by any common physician; however, my symptoms are a bit more complicated, as all good writers know. To boil them all down into one mother-symptom, I must confess I’ve been spreading myself too thin. Amid all the work, family functions, work, friendship fixes, illnesses, and work… I’ve forgotten (and even neglected) to breathe, to sit, to stare off into the wild blue yonder... and to write to you.

To be honest, I actually thought I lost my mojo (Did I just use the word mojo?)… I’m still not convinced that I didn’t, but I am hoping my few remaining fans are still out there and are reading this (Miracles anyone?)… And I surely hope you’ll have me back, not to mention find a way to forgive my stop-and-go writing and the mediocre musings that are sure to bleed out of my pen moving forward…

Then maybe we can get to the good stuff again… Since that’s what it’s all about…

Yours Truly,
The Universal Soul


  1. I know exactly how you feel and honesty is the best policy in my book! Whatever makes you happy do it!!

  2. Barbara, thanks for welcoming me back! Although I've been absent from writing, I've still been dropping by your blog from time to time... I always enjoy it! :)

  3. Well Blogging world will always welcome you with the same warmth as it did at the time of your first post :)
    n yeah u will always be missed by your readers !!
    keep blogging !!

  4. Thank you so much, Deepa! I have my next in the works, but the formatting is all wrong! It's getting there though. And a few other ideas are flowing... :)



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