Saturday, September 4, 2010

On Eating, Praying, and Loving (Part II)

Click here to read Part I: On Eating, Praying, and Loving

Dear Friend,

I can tell you’ve been brought down so low, and I see the weight of the world on your shoulders. When you look out the window of your life, I am saddened by your expression of emptiness, as if you see nothing before you that has deeply connected with you. It’s as if you are floating adrift with no anchor. How could you feel that no one really knows you?

But you must know that your inclinations are wrong. When you look out the window, you should see a road that rises up to meet you. You should look for the smiling faces and know you deserve them because you are here, living this life. And you are here for a divine reason because God created you when he could have been creating another universe.

And when you find those smiles, let them welcome you with arms wide open. You deserve to love and to be loved. Loneliness and depression are deceptive entities, and they work tirelessly to keep you away from your destiny. You must leave them in the dust and never come back to them, no matter the hour or the obstacle.

I know you might be surprised, but I also know about some of your secrets. You lay awake at night in fear. Your mind is so good at focusing on what you think you don’t deserve and convincing you that the things you love best will leave you or will be taken away as punishment. Your body is too good at allowing the paralysis of fear to overcome it. And your thoughts are your own slave driver, making you search endlessly for the elusive idea called perfection.

All of this thinking is wrong. You deserve so much better.

Imagine if you saw your friend like this. Imagine if you saw your friend doing these very same things. You know what you’d do. You’d scoop them up with your loving words and hold them in your arms until the last drop of pain fell from them and dried up. You’d tell them they were worthy. You’d tell them that God is their help and their protector. You’d tell them to get some rest. You'd say, “You’re beautiful, inside and out. I love you. Don’t be afraid.”

You know you’d do that… So then why, oh why, won’t you do it for yourself?

I know all these things about you because
I am you. And you must know that even when you make mistakes, even when you neglect me or go hiding, I am always here waiting for you. I will never leave your side. I will forgive you 100 times, and I will walk every step of the way with you.

Because I love you.

Every. Single. Part.

Your first and last friend,

This is a letter I wrote to myself. I was inspired to write it because of my last post and the book Eat, Pray, Love. I commit to reading this letter when my days are hard and when I am not being the friend I should be… to myself. I figure this very letter is what many of you needed to hear too. And maybe it opened your eyes to the struggles many women (and men) have. Or maybe, you’ll write a letter to yourself, and then tuck it away and take that letter out when you need to hear it most.

Infact, I hope you do. Because you deserve it.

Every. Single. Part.


  1. That was BEAUTIFUL I loveded it.

  2. Welcome, Chelsea. And I am so happy you loved it. It's a beautiful message we forget to give ourselves sometimes, isn't it?

  3. Very nice. It could have been written by your Creator!

  4. Once again, I really needed this post.
    Thank you.


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