Monday, August 9, 2010

Pictures from the Road...

There's nothing more beautiful and inspirational than being in nature. So naturally, one of my favorite hobbies is photographing nature wherever I go. I just wanted to share some of the many photographs I took on the road this summer. I figured that if they bring me peace and inspiration, then maybe you'd enjoy them too. Also, I will be sharing some of my other journeys in future posts along the way as well.
Wedding Blues- wedding ceremony floral arrangement at Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod... My husband and I were blessed to witness our childhood friend marry his best friend this summer on the beaches of Cape Cod.
First Promise- a beautiful miracle appearing across the majestic mountains of North Carolina...
The rainbow was so bold, perhaps the most pristine rainbow I've ever seen. My family and I all smiled, and then we enjoyed an amazing home-cooked meal thanks to my talented father.

Keep Off Rocks- a sign that can be found on the beaches of Chatham in Cape Cod...
The weather was beautiful, and I have to admit that though I am from Florida, I greatly enjoyed so many beach days in a row with my hubby and friends. And as you folks up north know, the beaches are very different up that way.

Solitude- simple, throwback lifeguard chair on the beaches of Cape Cod...
We came across this spot as we walked the beach that evening after driving home from Province Town. I liked how it looked with the high sand dunes behind it so I snapped this photo.

Sphere- residential trellis right off the beaches of Chatham...
I loved the shadows and the contrast of the blue and white. It was a beautiful day on the beach, and we were now off to get the best lobster rolls in town.

On the Shoreline- taking a break from walking the beach on Chatham to capture the smooth pebbles and shells that washed to the shoreline...
I love this photo because I can see my hubby on the shoreline enjoying the waves as they splash across his feet.

Stairway to Heaven- a bridge so that homeowners could travel over the rocks and onto the their private beaches...
I love this photo because of the angular lines of the bridge and how it looks against the rocks and clear blue sky. Cape Cod, along with its beaches, is a photographically stunning place.


In My Mother's Garden- The last three photographs are my favorite photos I took in my mother's garden. Every summer I photograph what she's been working on, as her garden is her heaven on Earth. She loves sharing its beauty with others.


  1. I always wanted to catch a rainbow with one of my shots. No such luck yet. I liked On the Shoreline one the most. But all are very beautiful :)

  2. Thanks, Lena. I couldn't believe the timing with the rainbow. They're only bold for so long, and then they quickly lighten and fade away. I am really glad you enjoyed the photography. I love sharing it because I love looking at photography as well.

  3. Thanks, fearless... Still waiting for your next guest post... whatever you want... ;)


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