Monday, August 16, 2010

Beyond Front Doors

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” ~Flora Whittemore

Doors are like people.

I don’t know all the reasons why I think this, but I do. I’ve always been fascinated with them, just as I am infinitely fascinated by people. No matter how many people you've met, you can never say you've known them all. The same thing goes for doors.

Perhaps I'm drawn in by doors because of what they represent.

Perhaps it’s because I am nosy, and I am curious; I can’t help but to wonder what’s behind them. Or more specifically, who's behind them...

When I travel, I love to walk around looking at doors and snapping photographs of my favorites. I find myself imagining whose life was led behind them, fully knowing each life is intricate and different from my own. The secrets behind those closed doors are secrets I will never know.

Here are two photographs I took in Charleston, SC.

Each door, especially in homes that have stood hundreds of years, has seen many lifetimes. It has known many people. And each is different from the next. The doors say so much about the time, yet say so little about the lives they protected.

I wonder what my mother's front door says about her... I wonder if it says she loves to garden. Or that she's a cancer survivor. Or that she loves her country and the country mountains.

I wonder what my front door has seen and what it says about my life... Does it say I'm still figuring things out? Does it say I get lonely? Does it say that I'm a dreamer?

Doors are complicated and as unique as we are... They are great secret keepers and protect the dwellers inside like the good friends that they are.

Doors are like people.
But not just any people.
Doors are good people.


  1. What an interesting and thought provoking post. I will never look at another door without wondering about what is inside.

    The house with the flag holds an enormous amount of warmth and love for everyone who walks through its door.

  2. I really adore this post and the pictures. I also love doors and love looking at them. I love seeing a white country house with a brick red door. It seems so warm and inviting. As the saying goes, "If these walls could talk..."

  3. I am super glad you loved this post. I was nervous about it because it's a little different from my typical posts. I'd like to branch out and cover other creative and personal things. Fearless, I love red doors best too. And Barbara, the door with the flag you like so much is my mother's! And you're RIGHT; it full of warmth and love. :)


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