Tuesday, June 8, 2010

POETography: Observations

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POETography is when you post what you're thinking in words, phrases, stories, or poetry about the photograph above. It can be whatever comes to your mind. It can be a personal memory...

So what do you think? Comment here or at our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Universal-Soul/175779326361?ref=ts#!/pages/The-Universal-Soul/175779326361?ref=ts) with your thoughts, words, or poetry.

As before, I've will post my response in the comments section to get the ball rolling. Check it out and post your own... Don't be a stranger! ;)

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  1. I have an enemy.
    My own worst enemy
    that will destroy
    and consume every
    tiny bit of me.

    Not the black sky
    that tells a future
    of liquid lies.
    A peak of sun is
    all that it will give.

    Not the deep abyss
    that would drag
    me to its depths.
    Hold me under
    begging for breath.

    Not the fog or mist
    that wraps and twists
    its reaching fingers
    around my neck.
    Groping and grasping
    at every bit.

    It breaks and pounds every inch
    of my frail body down to the bit
    that will feel it most.
    It surrounds me, trapping me in.
    Tight and close with no way out.
    It pounds and builds in my ears.
    What is it that I hear?
    It's nothing.
    It is nothing but silence.

  2. Like Me Without You

    I am old and alone
    And I can feel my bones
    Aching upon this bench
    As I hold my umbrella
    As it shields me from
    The memories
    I long to forget

    Yet on the horizon
    I see one thought
    I will never forget
    I see love
    In a boat for two
    I see what I had
    So many years ago
    When I had you
    When I had everything

    Yet it flew away
    As blackbirds do
    On the back of the wind
    Taking flight
    Before the rain begins

    Yet it faded away
    Into the horizon
    Like a lonely moon
    Or like a lonely sun
    Or like me

    Like me


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