Tuesday, May 25, 2010

POETography: On a Bridge

POETography is when you post what you're thinking in words, phrases, stories, or poetry about the photograph above. It can be whatever comes to your mind. It can be a personal memory...

I personally love this photo because there are multiple focal points: the runner, the group of girls to the left, the Brooklyn Bridge, New York...

So what do you think? Comment here or at our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Universal-Soul/175779326361?ref=ts#!/pages/The-Universal-Soul/175779326361?ref=ts) with your thoughts, words, or poetry.

As before, I've will post my response in the comments section to get the ball rolling. Check it out and post your own... Don't be a stranger! ;)

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  1. "Running"
    By K.A. Phinney

    I was.
    I was running.
    From what?
    From what I do not know

    And I was.
    I was hurting.
    So I slapped my feet
    Upon the pavement
    Like I could shake the pain.
    Like I could kick the pain
    Out from under my feet.
    Like I could leave it all
    Behind me.

    And I was.
    I was heart broken.
    So I pushed against my limits
    Upon the pavement
    Like I could make my heart stronger.
    Like I could make it beat the pain
    Right out of my heaving chest from
    Inside me.

    But I was.
    I was running.

  2. "Always There"
    By: Fearless

    It was the sun.
    Gleaming and glistening
    in way that made
    wishes comes true.

    It was the sky.
    As blue as his eyes
    and deeper than
    his quiet soul.

    It was the air.
    So crisp and clean
    that a laugh carried
    for miles and even
    his smile could be heard.

    It was the skyline.
    Strong and structured
    as he always stood.
    Only God's hands could
    move his rooted feet.

    No matter the city.
    No matter the distance traveled.
    No matter where I run to.
    He is always there.
    He is the sun I feel on my skin.
    He is the sky I gaze into.
    He is the air I breathe.
    He is the skyline that I dream of.

  3. "Running"
    By: A.N.H.

    Running from an overwhelming, impersonal city.
    Running from perpetual invisibility.

    Running from the constant lies you told.
    Running from memories that somehow always leave me cold.

    Running from the robotic grind of the day to day.
    Running from smiles I secretly struggle to fake.

    Running across this bridge of my own fears and inhibitions.
    Running across this bridge with a newfound sense of exhilaration.

    Running toward the sun’s rays kissing my face.
    Running toward the peace of mind found in a slower pace.

    Running toward a place where wild flowers grow.
    Running toward the me that I used to know.

    Running toward a heart that is open to love.
    Running toward a freedom that I have only dreamed of.

  4. Ladies, thank you so much for always participating! I look forward to reading your poetry, just like old times. ;) And by the way, they are BOTH excellent.


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