Sunday, May 23, 2010

Be Random. Be Kind.

Yes, I know, I have neglected my monthly Random Acts of Kindness…

So to make up for it, I’ve got a Random Act of Kindness I’ve experienced this month, along with some Random Acts that our readers have contributed. I hope this lifts your day… And PLEASE share your stories in the comments or via e-mail at


“Kindness on Aisle Seven”
K.A. Phinney

My husband and I were doing our grocery shopping the other day after work. We’ve been trying to save every penny since going on our own version of The Debt Diet. While we were standing in aisle seven, deciding on which brand of snack bars to buy and which one will be the best “bang for the buck,” an elderly woman slowly made her way toward us.

“Excuse me,” she said.

We both turned to her. I was worried she was confused or needed help with something.

“Here. Take this,” she mouthed assertively. A crumpled paper was folded in her hand.

I was a little surprised by what she was trying to do. So I looked at my husband, and tentatively reached out to receive her gift.

She continued on. “It’s a $5.00 coupon for the grocery store. It expires tomorrow, and I haven’t got use for it. I’ve got one already. So take it, if it helps. Looks like you’ve got a lot of groceries to buy.” She smiled.

“Wow!” my husband and I said in unison. We were both blown away.

“Thank you so much.” I continued. “This is really, really nice of you.”

“You’re very welcome,” she replied. And with that, she smiled, turned around, and slowly wheeled her cart down the aisle.

She slipped quietly out of our sight, as my husband and I were still frozen in the moment.

To be honest, we were almost in shock, but it wasn’t over the $5.00 dollars we would save because of her. We were charmed and blessed by her kindness, and by her divine timing.

That's because we were just talking on the drive over to the grocery about how so many people are treating each other with such rudeness and disregard nowadays.

And then just like that! God sends another messenger to remind us that kindness is still alive and well.

You’ve got to love his timing.


Random Acts From Our Readers:

Ms. Jennifer Cox writes…

I've been immersing myself in anything and everything positive for almost two years now. My Facebook status updates are positive and affirmative quotes 90% of the time, and I love to Facebook "share" all the threads from groups just like yours with all of my friends all of the time. It benefits me tremendously to be surrounded by all of this wonderful energy, and I always want to spread the love.

Apparently, I'm not alone! I was in Big Y (local grocery store) the other day and was standing with my cart, texting my kids to see what they wanted for dinner, when I realized someone that had been walking past me was slowing to a stop. I lifted my head up to see who it was, and standing there in front of me was the cutest, little... old man.

He smiled widely and said, "Here, you can have the last one," and extended his hand.

In it was a business-size card. However, this was no ordinary business card. It was a SMILE CARD. On the back it read this: "Keep this card with you always... Let it remind you that someone is thinking about you right now and smiling! You're a very special person. Here's hoping that just holding this card will put some extra sunshine in your day! Put on a happy face and watch others start smiling too!"

And in that moment I realized, it all really does come full circle.

Ms. Auxy Espinoza writes…

Hi. I have a super soft spot for the elderly. I have helped three of them to date.

The first one was a very old lady crossing the street. Through the corner of my eye I caught something; it was her legs going up in the air as she hit the floor. I immediately pulled over, made sure she was okay, and drove her home.

The second one was an elderly man who was running after a water bottle a jogger had dropped, and he fell face first on the pavement. I happen to be driving by and jumped out of my car to see if I could help him. He was more embarrassed than hurt, but I was able to help him up and laugh it off with him to make him feel better.

The third one was another older lady who I saw on the ground right after she landed. She tried to lean on a mailbox and missed it. Along with two others, I was able to lift her. The others left, but I couldn't leave her, so I asked her if I could call someone for her. She said there was no one to call because her kids were just teens. I offered to give her a ride home. Somehow, I was able to take her all the way home and make her some tea. Her teenager thanked me for helping his mom.

Acts of kindness come naturally to me, and I love making others feel good.


Thank you, Jennifer and Auxy, for sharing with us! And thank you to all the people out there who dare to be random... and dare to be KIND!

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