Thursday, April 8, 2010

POETography: Alone and Thinking

POETography is when you post what you're thinking in words, phrases, stories, or poetry about the photograph above. It can be whatever comes to your mind. It can be a personal memory...

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    By: K.A. Phinney

    This morning dark, I woke up
    And bled out my veins for you
    Onto the floor you could not see.
    You did not look. You never looked.
    You’d seen it all before.

    My naiveté convinced the truth
    In me to believe you had one too.
    But did you ever have a heart?
    Or did you just make the room
    To keep me like a suitcase,
    Unhinged, but packed and groomed?
    Or was I just your breakfast,
    Scrambled eggs and buttered toast?
    Or was I just the nap you took?
    Or the shirt that you wore most?
    Was I just a dialogue
    To be had in lonely nights?
    Or was I but a looking glass
    To deflect a shallow plight?

    I could have been just anything,
    One thing, but not one whole.
    You kept me near, but kept me far,
    A balloon tied to a pole.

    And I could have been most anything,
    Most anything at all
    To another man or another time,
    But I’m an addict for your flaws.

  2. It's nothing fancy, but I really needed to write something today.

    You left me.
    You left me waiting
    in my best dress.
    I wondered when
    you might return
    as the clocked ticked away.

    You left me.
    You left my heart aching
    deep in my chest.
    Every pound and beat
    in my rib cage is
    always for you.

    You left me.
    You left my mind
    pondering the unanswered questions
    that linger in the dusty air.

    You left me.
    You left me
    behind a closed door.
    But as your door shut tight,
    I opened the window to something new.

  3. Fearless-- LLOOOVVVEEEEE it! Thank you for sharing. You truly have a gift. I can feel that this was coming from your heart.

  4. Thank you! I loved yours...the idea of being addict for another person.

    This week has been so rough I might write another one!

  5. A bow in a braid.
    A knot in a tie.
    A latch on a window.
    A clasp on a dress.
    A leg on desk.
    You held me together
    like all of these things.
    And with you gone
    I feel like I have torn wings.
    I miss you like the May sunshine
    But I know you were not lying
    When you said it was for the best.

  6. Alone and thinking is an awesome gift of time.
    Time to count blessings
    Time to think of those gone before us to Heaven
    Time to think of what it will be like to see our loved ones again and never know pain or diease or illness that takes our life away.
    Time to tell God we love him want to be his hands and feet here on earth.
    Times when we realize he has sent someone to your side for comfort or knowledge from the valleys we have walked through with God holding us all through it all each step of the way. Time to be glad we have learned real love and that we never leave anyone we love without telling them, for you never know if that is your last time to tell them how much they mean to you and how deeply they are loved.
    Time to greet people we come in contact with the love, smile of our Lord so they can see his face and love through our smile and gentle ways.
    Thank you Lord for the time to think alone and heal from the busy world.


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