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Guest Blogger: "When a Tree Falls"

Every week this month, I will be featuring a guest blogger/writer. I have three wonderful guest bloggers lined up thus far, but I need one more for the last week of April... Please contact me at with your stories, advice, experiences, and poetry!


Ms. Mary Perez is our first guest. Her enlightening monologue below is an powerful message that reminds us of who we are and where we've been. It's vital that we know where we come from and that we are always mindful and present in our journey to where we are going...


"When a Tree Falls"
By: Mary Perez

I appreciate this time to reflect; time to put my life in perspective. And, today, in this state of mind I began thinking about the question: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it did it happen? I liken it to how we remember those who have passed on before us…those who become a part of the changing landscape of our lives. How does it affect us? How do we interpret the loss once discovered?

When I think about my parents I could choose to feel conflicted about how I interpret my life. I could sustain a battle with the innermost me and fight the demons I might perceive because of a less than perfect upbringing to find fault and blame. I've felt conflicted. I've felt blame. I choose to live the rest of my life remembering all of the good they did and the lessons they taught me, what I learned from them as a young sapling that helped me grow. They loved me. They gave me life. I AM who I AM because of them.

And then I began to think upon my friend Roxann who left this world too soon. Why? She was an amazing woman: smart, creative, giving, funny. She had a beautiful smile that would light up any room she entered. In her passing, I will always remember her for all the good she did and the joy she shared. Her gift to me was her sunny smile and joy-filled laugh. They are with me always.

I am in contact with Roxann's daughter who writes warmly of her mother and honors her life in her own words. She is holding onto the good times, the good memories. Like most of us, I suspect, there may be moments of anger. Sometimes we have to go through one emotion to get to the other side of it; like the root of a tree reaching through the dry ground to find water. Roxann left her daughter with her gifts... She is an amazing woman in her own right.

My oldest and dearest friend lost her son Scott… far too young and more devastating than I can imagine. What does a parent learn from their child at such a time? How do we make sense of senseless? My friend holds onto her faith to keep her rooted on solid ground. And her roots are deep. She is a survivor. I remember Scott as a smart, loving, and sensitive young man. He loved his mother. He enriched her life. I didn’t know all of his struggles, nor the depth of them but I will always remember the good, sweet, and kindhearted person I knew him to be.

My parents, Roxann, and Scott live flawless in my memories… and my memories of them are precious.

My landscape has changed in their passing... but the memory of them only continues to enrich my life.

No one else may see the trees as they fall in our lives; what they will see are the changes to the landscape of our life.

The tree did fall in the forest. Even though I did not hear the sound of it hitting the earth, it's falling changed my landscape... and it is softer around the edges.


About the Author:

Mary Perez is 57 years young and has been married to the love of her life for almost 30 years! She is an RN and has made her mark on the world helping others bring there new additions into it, as she’s been working in Labor and Delivery since 1987. In her spiritual journey, Mary found great inspiration in the words of Emerson and Thoreau, and she has studied them very closely. She is also deeply touched by the works of Robert Richardson Jr., Marianne Williamson, and Wayne Dyer.

Of her current spiritual state, Mary explains, “I have come to understand the value of the present moment and can bring myself to a calm and joyful place just by stopping in the midst of any moment and taking a breath... As I sit here I can find so much to appreciate… I believe we are meant to be joyful beings. I feel blessed to live the life that I live, but I know that by my intention I have been the creator of my life.”

Thank you again, Mary, for sharing your story!

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  1. "Sometimes we have to go through one emotion to get to the other side of it; like the root of a tree reaching through the dry ground to find water."

    This week has been difficult for me but I'm finding comfort in words such as lyrics and poetry as I always have. It's hard losing someone no matter the reason. I'm dealing with the loss of someone who left for his own reasons. I'm just trying to hold onto that he made he made me happy and opened my eyes to a world filled with unconditional love. I know now that I am moving one step closer in the bigger plan that is set out for me. Thank you for your words. I will remember them through out the next week as I make my way through my own landscape moving from emotion to the next.


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