Friday, March 5, 2010

POETography: Man and Woman

POETography is when you post what you're thinking in words, phrases, stories, or poetry about the photograph above. It can be whatever comes to your mind. It can be a personal memory...

So what do you think? Comment here or at our Facebook page ( with your thoughts, words, or poetry.
As before, I've posted my response in the comments section to get the ball rolling. Check it out and post your own... Don't be a stranger! ;)

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  1. "This Little Heart"
    By K.A. Phinney

    This little heart is breaking for you
    You and your cool way
    Too busy to be burdened by trivial worship

    The deep caverns are of brokenness and regret
    And you kiss me like you think I forget
    The way you looked at her and robbed me

    Put my hand to the stove
    Salt my wounds all you want
    I won’t learn from you
    You and your carelessness

    But I stay
    For the moments between the fire and tears
    When you might look this way and know me
    There’s too much to know or understand now
    No words to heal the in between

    This little heart is breaking to be loved
    And touched and thought of as beautiful
    Growing smaller
    By the night
    In between
    The sheets
    And you

  2. Please don't go
    Don't you know me
    See me
    For who I am

  3. There was a moment.
    A stranger walked by
    aloof and unaware
    of my quiet self
    sitting on the stair.

    There was a moment.
    I thought I saw
    a flicker in is eye.
    A cursory glance
    as he strolled on by.

    There was a moment.
    I gazed upon him
    for almost too long.
    He was perfect,
    so I knew it wasn't wrong.

    There was a moment.
    He walked by like
    he was gliding on air.
    In the empty space beside him,
    oh how I longed to be there.

    There was a moment.
    I saw a dream pass me by.
    He was perfect and wonderful
    but he never stopped to say 'hi'.

  4. Beautiful, Fearless. I am so happy you are here again this month! ;)

  5. I'm attached. Please don't go, how will i ever survive? I will miss you as you take a part of me with you....but alas, I am now learning the art of detachment. I'm loving who I am, just me. I care for you, enjoy our loving time together, and I am whole when you leave. Complete with me....I love my own company.

  6. Cynthia, I love your little poem. The idea of loving one's own company is a great one. Thanks for contributing. April's POETography will go up next week; please come by to see it. :)


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