Thursday, January 14, 2010

POETography: Haiti, Dark and Rolling

“Haiti, Dark and Rolling”

Hanging my dress
In my closet today
I thought of you
And your bloodied body,
My little stranger.
And I was arrested
By your broken story
And bones
All swallowed by
The cracks and rubble,
Snaking up your roads,
Choking your smiles,
Dividing your homes,
And Haiti, dark and rolling.

For you and for always,
It is cold and heavy
Under the pressing earth,
As the world turns on
Without you in it,
Little soul. My little stranger,
I pray for you tonight,
And Haiti, dark and rolling.

K.A. Phinney



  1. Heidi VanderVeldeFriday, January 15, 2010

    Beautiful, Kim....

  2. Thank you. Means a lot coming from you, my friend... :)


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