Monday, January 11, 2010

No Other Way

"No Other Way"

There is no other way
That the golden leaf shall fall
Or by which the moon will wane
Or in the way the blossom fades.
No other way at all.

The oceans ebb and the oceans flow,
And so goes life and all its glow.
The sweet retreat of summer
Will be embraced by fall.
The bitter taste of let down
Is solaced before long.

The birds fly south for winter.
The snow blankets the ground.
Dear friends will slip away,
And new friends, in time, abound.
There is no other way to live it;
No other way at all.

Your eyes will close at midnight.
The stars will take their flight.
Dreams can’t dance forever;
Long lovers must say goodbye.
There is no other way to live it;
No other way at all.

The music will find a standstill.
The glow begins to dim.
Memories will find haziness,
And the birds fly north again.
There is no other way,
No other way at all,
To live this life you’re given
And then to leave it all.

K.A. Phinney

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