Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 Minute Stress Busters with Yoga

Most of us would agree that we lead stressful, over-stimulated, over-scheduled lives. In fact, you probably are rushing through the words across this page because you’ve got things to do. You probably lose your temper when you don’t mean to due to being overwhelmed, and you have a hard time sleeping at night because you can’t turn off the “things to do” list that peels around like a rolodex in your head. Chances are that you’re so stressed that you are carrying it around in your body, and that stress is making you sick and unhappy.

Most people “carry” the day in three key places: their neck, lower back, and hips. When left to fester, this stress leads to a great deal of pain and ailments. But with just five minutes before bed or at times in the day when you are stressed or aching, you can greatly reduce what ails you. Here are several yoga moves that when used mindfully and in sequence can greatly reduce tension and stress, which means you will be happier and healthier.

Position One: Child’s Pose (coupled with 10 deep breaths, then roll gently onto the top of your head to massage, roll back down and repeat as needed)
Benefits: stretches hips and thighs, calms brain, relieves stress and fatigue, relieves back and neck pain
Directions and details:

Position Two: Lotus Pose (coupled with deep breaths, drop head to stretch vertebrae while in pose, hold and lift again, repeat as needed)
Benefits: calms brain, relieves neck, opens hips, and stimulates pelvis
Directions and details:

Position Three: Half Lord of the Fishes Pose (follow with roll on back and hugging legs to body for hip and vertebrae stretching)
Benefits: stretches hips, energizes spine, relieves fatigue and backaches
Directions and details:

Position Four: Corpse Pose (coupled with 10 deep breathes)
Benefits: mental and physical relief, calms breathing, helps insomnia
Directions and details:

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