Sunday, October 25, 2009

20 Things You Can Do for Holistic Health

Here are 20 things that you can do to improve your holistic health. These are methods I practice in my own life, so I can honestly say that they work and have made me a much happier, healthier person. Some things I am able to do every day as a lifestyle choice, while others I try to squeeze in during the week a few times.

We are all a work in progress...

1. Don’t smoke… ever. I don’t think I need to state the obvious. We all know that smoking in incredibly bad for you.
2. Drink one glass of red wine a day, if your particular health situation permits it. Red wine has antioxidants that fight disease and keep you youthful.
3. Take a vitamin C and E supplements everyday. They both boost your immune system, and the antioxidants are age-defying nutrients.
4. Take an omega 3 fatty acid every day (fish oil). There are so many benefits that I will do a post on this alone.
5. Don’t eat red meat (I haven’t for 11 years). The chemicals and hormones are terrible for you, and they age you. Research suggests that increased red meat consumption could lead to cancer and heart disease.
6. Eat a lot fish. Eating a lot of fish has so many benefits, I couldn’t list them here. So I will post more on this later. But remember your sea creatures must have scales, which keeps them from absorbing mercury like crustaceans do.
7. Eat and drink organic products whenever you can. Again, the chemicals in non-organic foods are potentially dangerous, unnatural, and not good for your overall health. Once man gets involved in altering food, the health and quality of holistically suffers.
8. Practice yoga (I do two-three times a week). A separate post on the specific benefits of yoga will be coming soon as well. If you can’t do yoga, take time to stretch and/or meditate a few times a week.
9. Workout or get your heart rate up about four days a week (I do about five days a week). This has obvious positive affects on your life. If you don’t have a gym or have time for a gym, keep your eyes peeled for future posts on what you can do at home to stay in shape.
10. Develop and maintain positive, healthy, supportive relationships. Remember, stress is the silent killer, so if your relationships are an endless source of stress for you, then you are aging your body inside and out.
11. Find a job that challenges and fulfills you. Studies show that people with meaningful purpose in their lives live longer, happier existences.
12. Drink one large cup of coffee a day (nearly black, very low sugars). Caffeine has been proven to improve your mind and slow the aging process. It lifts your mood, helps prevent Parkinson’s, reduces disease risk, and boost athleticism.
13. Maintain a low sugar diet. A high sugar intake suppresses your immune system, prevents you from absorbing calcium and magnesium, speeds up the aging process, and feeds cancer cells.
14. Never drink soda or sugary juice drinks. Soda pop wreaks havoc on your skin, adds to obesity, promotes tooth decay, and weakens your bones. See #13.
15. Drink green tea (ginseng). It fights cancer and heart disease. It relaxes your body and possesses age-defying antioxidants. If you are healthy inside, you’ll look healthy outside, as green tea also helps with weight management.
16. Get some sun. Some sun is very good for your mental health, and the rays naturally initiate the conversion of cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D3, which promotes bone health and lowers blood pressure.
17. Get exactly seven hours of sleep a night. Aim to sleep and rise at the same time everyday. If you can’t do that, get as close as you can to keeping a steady routine.
18. Use anti-wrinkle creams that are high in Pro-Retinol, Beta-Hydroxy, and Vitamin E. But remember, what matters most is what we put in our body, not what we put on it. Oil of Olay has been proven through market research to do the most for your skin, and it also has a very reasonable price tag compared to its competition.
19. Use natural mineral makeup that has an SPF (I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Powder with Vitamin B5, C, and E with a SPF of 20.).
20. BE HAPPY and LAUGH all you can!

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